Platform-Berlin is a project exhibiting art in unused and ordinarily commercial spaces on the underground rail line. It is designed to spark U-Bahn riders to interact with an art installation in an unusual space and to affect people’s physical path of movement, routine and thought process.

Berlin’s U-Bahn averages 500-million riders annually. Platform-Berlin aims to transform their experience from the humdrum everyday into that of reflection and delight.

Who: Platform-Berlin collaborates with international artists interested in experimentation and social engagement. We work with artists to develop and create installations that are specific for the space and situation. 

When: Platform-Berlin's opening hours are the same as the U-Bahn: 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Visit our website regularly for information about new installations and opening events. 

Where: Currently, Platform-Berlin is located at Kleistpark on the U7 line. However, installations are temporary and mobile and will relocate across Berlin's U-Bahn stations throughout the year to engage with the city's diverse communities and neighborhoods.


PLATFORM is a mobile installation project on Berlin's U-bahn platforms.